Licensing remains an unavoidable issue

Licensing remains an unavoidable issue, with sporadic teams faithfully recreated (Barcelona the most notable and pervasive) but others a strange work of fiction fifa 17 coins. MD White anyone? That’s Real Madrid. Man Red and Man Blue tussle at the top of the English League. You can’t go really blame Konami for this (though really guys, you could try a bit harder with your mock kits and names) - you might as well complain that Crystal Palace haven’t signed Lionel Messi - but it is still an issue. However, there is some excellent work being done in the editing community, with option files that give your game an air of authenticity easier to fifa 17 ios coins, so it is a problem that can be part-way solved. It does have the licence to the Champions League, but when it is filled with teams like “PM Black White” (Juventus, if you’re wondering) the impact is rather diminished. Less excusable are things like the dreadful robotic commentary, clumsy menus and relatively staid atmosphere. These are things that Konami can, and should, work on improving. Kits can be edited, Jim Beglin’s inane gibberish can only be switched off. BY playerhot online news center now... come here for more fifa 17 xbox 360 coins fun!